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My heart

My uncle died of a heart attack 7 months after I started working with Archie. It was unexpected and devastating. I live in the UK and my family live in another country so I couldn't even mourn with them. He died on a Saturday and on Monday I went to school, numb and disconnected, having told no one (other than friends) about what had happened. Archie sat down next to me put his hands on his chest and said 'My heart hurts'.

I checked that he was ok and if he needed to see the nurse, to which he responded that he was fine and it wasn't serious. I asked for a hug and then had to leave because I was crying, which upset him because he didn't know why I was so unhappy. A good sob in the bathroom and a cup of tea later I came back and apologised for upsetting him and explained that I was sad because something had happened to my family and I was missing them.

Never before or since has he done or said that his heart hurts.

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