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Spiders on his shoes

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

He was late to school so the interview started late. I was in the classroom, bemused and nervous, wondering what on earth I was doing back in a classroom having vowed, not even a month previously, not to work in education ever again.

Archie walked in and sat down next to me, a boy just oozing loveliness with his blonde hair, blue eyes magnified by his glasses and a shy smile. I introduced myself and we started to try and complete the worksheet together, a task not easily done as Archie didn't like any of the pencils, so we had to quietly discuss which pencil might be okay to use, just this once. A pencil now in hand we began reading the instructions together, but Archie was now more interested in using the pencil as a balancing tool rather than a writing device and after appreciating the nifty pencil balanced on the bridge of his nose being delicately held in place by the glasses I tried to nudge him towards at least finishing the first two questions. With a sideways glance he filled in the missing information quickly and accurately and then showed me the spiders on his shoes, little black spider moulds on the sole, very cute, but not what we were meant to be doing. Feeling slightly anxious about how much my success depended on him finishing the worksheet or him liking me I chose to lavish praise on the adorable spiders and then gently get him back to the worksheet, we managed 1/3 of the task and then Archie had very little inclination to do any more so we resumed our spider appreciation.

This was followed by an interview with the head of SENCO and the head of key stage 1 and then an interview with Archie's mother. I left honestly not knowing whether I had gotten the job or not, but wishing that I had because Archie intrigued me and of course I wanted to discuss those little spiders again with the person that knew them best.

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